Develop AI Talents for the Future

AI Challenger Global AI Contest

“AI Challenger Global AI Contest” is a platform initiated by Sinovation Ventures and supported by strong industry and academic resources, for open datasets and programming competitions to artificial intelligence (AI) talents around the world. The goal of AI Challenger is to empower worldwide AI researcher, scientist, and developer talents to advance their AI research and technological development without the constraints of data resources. In the first year, AI Challenger 2017 released over 1 million data entries based on 300,000 images, as well as over 10 millions language-based data. 8892 teams from 65 countries competed and the winners shared over 300,000 USD prize. All these made AI Challenger the largest dataset platform for scientific research and the largest non-commercial competition platform in China.


Working with more leading AI companies, universities, and government organizations, AI Challenger 2018 will offer new datasets in the scientific research and industry application frontiers:

Main datasets and competitions:
  • Autonomous driving
  • Reasoning questions and answers
  • Machine Learning for local services
  • 2017 datasets’ upgrade
Experimental datasets and competitions:

zero-shot learning, robotics controlling, weather forecast, quantitative trading and etc.

AI Challenger 2018 main datasets and competitions will kick-off in August and last till December. Experimental datasets and competitions are running through the year.

The International AI Training Program For Chinese Universities

(An Upgrade Version of Sinovation Ventures' DeeCamp Training Program)

2018 International AI Training Program For Chinese Universities is guided by Ministry of Education International Cooperation, Exchange Department, Higher Education Department, Science and Technology Department, Sinovation Ventures AI Institute and Peking University. This program consists of two sub-programs, the AI training program for teachers and the DeeCamp AI training program for students, featured with three main characteristics: teacher-student linkage, school-enterprise integration and international cooperation.


Project highlights:
  • Top academic and industry experts as trainers.
  • Planning to directly train 100 teachers and 300 students in 2018, over 500 teachers and 5,000 students in 5 years, and impact hundreds of thousands more AI talents.
  • Leveraging Sinovation Ventures’ DeeCamp Training Program, integrating academia and industry resources, and creating opportunities for teachers and students to work on real problems. DeeCamp kicked off on July, 2017, representing the first summer camp of deep learning held by Sinovation Ventures AI Institute for university students around the globe.
  • Initiating the "teacher + student" synchronized training mode with 5 weeks’ overlap to enhance the training quality on both sides: 9-day courses and 5-week observation for teachers; 1-week courses and 4-week practice for students.
  • Helping build up the artificial intelligence curriculum, courseware, exercises, book list and other teaching materials as references for Chinese universities.
  • Issuing the certificate authorized by China Center for International People-to-People Exchange and National Center for Schooling Development Program, Ministry of Education, Sinovation Ventures and Peking University.
  • Totally free, public welfare, no training fees.