Create Business Value with AI Leadership

New Retails

Quick Checkout System

Our quick checkout system based on multi-modal sensor and deep learning technology can automatically adapt to different scales and types of retail stores to process checkout for standard and non-standard commodities quickly and precisely. No matter for automated checkout, future-oriented unmanned stores, the new design of urban retail shelves and containers, or for the online to offline new shopping experience, our solutions can help our clients build up the most efficient business process.

Consumer Behavior Management and Data Analysis

Conventionally offline retail scenarios such as commercial real estates, convenience stores, chain stores and supermarkets aren’t able to acquire customer behavior data any time anywhere as e-commerce does. This leads to the lack of data support for commodity recommendation, customer persona, intelligent pricing and etc. Our solution based on computer vision and multi-modal sensors recognizes a customer immediately when he/she enters the store, tracing the merchants and commodities he/she paid attention to, turning the historical and real-time information into precious big data resources. Thus it fully digitizes the offline shopping scenarios and creates the real intelligent commerce.

Sales Forecast

The AI algorithm can take into account simultaneously multidimensional data that influence online and offline retail sales, covering time factors such as festivals, holidays and seasons, environmental and social factors such as location, weather and crowd characteristics, even internet public opinions to specific commodities, the trade policy changes of each country or region, as well as the sales related emergencies, etc. The sales changing rules learned by machine in the high-dimensional feature space can serve as an important basis for the supply chain and sales channel management of the retail industry.

Intelligent Product Selection, Pricing and Supply Chain Management

As a perfect solution, the AI system can make it clear: What kinds of commodities are best for each retail store; How each user group's shopping needs will change in the coming month; Whether the price, discount and promotion strategy should be adjusted in the following several hours; How to precisely convert the prediction of sales, pricing and product selection into the decision-making basis for the supply chain management. Being good at precisely modeling with massive high dimensional data, machine can provide real-time, precise, automated guidance to the supply chain and the sales process.

Financial & Insurance

Intelligent Risk Control

We provide machine learning and deep learning based risk control algorithm for banks, securities companies and other financial enterprises, precisely recognize and determine the risk factors among tens of thousands of and even more data dimensions, and complete risk assessment in seconds. As a result, we help financial enterprises expand their business safely, monitor and control the risk of operation, credit and market efficiently.

Intelligent Anti-fraud

New channels such as internet brings huge user base, but also brings in new challenges for anti-fraud, such as more sophisticated fraud recognition, more rigorous timeliness requirements and more precise suspected characteristic analysis. Our machine learning platform integrates multi-dimensional information, recognizes potential fraud risks from interpersonal relationships, behavior characteristics, historical records and other signals, and works closely with human anti-fraud procedures to improve anti-fraud efficiency and quality.

Precision Marketing

The fast-developing machine learning, especially deep learning, has provided powerful technical support to precision marketing. Our solutions help financial enterprises generate precise customer personas and consumption intent prediction, so to promote the right products, such as money management, credit and loan, investment and financing, and the combinations, to the high conversion potential customers, in a most personalized way.

Intelligent Pricing

Pursuing the best pricing strategy within the framework of policies is what all insurance companies need to do. Our machine learning system analyzes and mines historical price and benefit related data, and build model on top of it. Focusing on the company’s optimization requirement, we help our client find the best mathematical method to set quantitative indexes for the pricing strategy of product development and marketing.

Customer Retention

Based on the accumulated customer information, customer behavior data, product and customer service records and other big data, we use machine learning algorithm to do high-dimensional data analysis of the characteristics of the retained and non-retained customers, thus to build precise mathematical model of retention. It serves to develop strategies of retention and explore the best value of existing customers.

Intelligent Customer Service

With the technologies and products in domain knowledge graph, customer intention recognition, natural language conversation and etc., we help our clients quickly build automated customer service system, covering all media formats such as speech, text and video, supporting all scenarios such as call center, mobile devices, smart devices and web service, and coordinating with human customer service, thus to effectively decrease the cost and increase the satisfaction rate.

Quantitative Investment Adviser

In the investment practice of banks, funds and securities, our AI technologies and human investment analysts can well complement each other. By analyzing the market data characteristics, integrating the information such as regulation policies, media reports and public opinions, building precise math model in high-dimensional data space, our AI technology generates specific reference factors or operating suggestions to organization and individual investors.

Intelligent Manufacturing

Defects Detection

With the help of image capture system and computer vision techniques, surface defect detection system is able to recognize small defects of product parts accurately and effectively. In contrast to traditional manual detection, it can significantly reduce man power requirements and improve efficiency and quality. Therefore, increase productivity of a product line.

Process Management

Build a model from historical data and find out key features, which are the most relevant to yield, from a large amount of features. Recommend the most optimal parameters for each batch of product based on the model to improve yield of products.

Fault Predication

Build a model from historical equipments operation status data. Send out alarms when parameters have a tendency to deteriorate. It is able to let maintenance personnel know issues as early as possible and take trouble-shooting actions accordingly. Hence, minimize the loss caused by equipment failure or unstable operation.

Cooperation with Government

Science and Technology Industry Planning and Upgrading

AI has risen to be one of the top priorities of China's national science and technology development. Sinovation Ventures AI Institute is willing to cooperate closely with government at any level, leveraing our active role in the cutting-edge science and technology fields and providing all-round services, such as consulting, technology, products, solutions, incubation and investment, to help science and technology industry planning and upgrading.

Technological Development for Infrastructure

With the guidance of government, we help high-tech platforms, science parks and industry bases establish public infrastructure related to big data and AI, such as big data processing and exchange center, cloud-based large machine learning platform, and AI talent training platform.

Intelligent City and Community

We provide multi-level and multi-perspective technology solutions for the construction of intelligent cities and intelligent communities at present and for the future, including autonomous vehicles, intelligent transportation, intelligent commercial real estate and intelligent retail, intelligent logistics, city and community, and big data of city and intelligent decision-making.

Transportation and Logistics

Intelligent Inventory Management

Computer vision and multi-modal sensors enable us to easily real-time monitor on each commodity in the inventory. The machine learning and reinforcement learning technologies based on big data can generate the best inventory management solution, ensuring the efficient utilization of the storage space and the turnover of commodities.

Intelligent Route Planning

The intelligent route planning algorithm supported by AI can maximize the integration of all transportation resources of the whole system. With the objective functions defined by human manager, it seeks the overall optimal solution of the system from the high dimensional data space with complex historical characteristics and real-time signals, thus to significantly increase the transportation efficiency and decrease the operating cost.

Intelligent Traffic Monitoring

The automated sensing capability AI enables us can have a huge impact in traffic monitoring. No matter for the traffic relief of expressway and local road network, or for the security needs such as personnel and vehicle tracking, the new generation of the machine sensory algorithm can serve as the best assistant.

Strategic Consulting

For large-scale state-owned enterprises, large-scale enterprise groups and industry-leading enterprises, Sinovation Ventures AI Institute provides professional and first-class consulting services in the fields such as AI strategy, AI development planning, AI blueprint in specific industries, AI solutions for restructuring the existing business, and the directions of AI products, etc.


The AI technology can effectively analyze and manage the network-wide big data resources in the energy industry, and achieve multi-angle and real-time monitoring of the whole system. It automatically develops optimization strategies so to help human managers fulfill the preset optimization goals of energy conservation, risk prewarning, fault prevention, etc.

Telecom Operators

Our machine learning platform enables telecom operators to utilize the massive data resources accumulated on their big data platform, generating precise user personas, delivering truly personalized marketing. It also automatically diagnoses network faults and adjusts the operation and maintenance strategies based on the O&M characteristics generated real-time in the telecom network.


Cooperating closely with the providers of internet and mobile internet applications, products and platforms, we empower them with our frontier AI technology supports and services, in the fields such as advertisement marketing, content recommendation, intelligent operation and maintenance, public opinion monitoring and data mining.


The healthcare industry will expect an unprecedented intelligent upgrading in the near future. The introduction of the AI technology will end the scarcity of high-quality medical resources. The knowledge and experience of senior doctors can be shared around the globe through the remote intelligent diagnosis and treatment technologies. By analyzing, mining and optimizing the medical big data, AI will raise human fighting against diseases to a new level. Moreover, machine learning can be widely used in the scenarios such as pharmacy, marketing and customer service.


Our intelligent video and speech monitoring technologies help in effective teaching quality control for the scenarios such as class teaching, online teaching and after-school tutoring. Our machine learning platform on teaching big data and intelligent administration solutions help school and teachers develop personalized teaching strategies based on each student's characteristics, as well as help online education platform make the best recommendations for each student, teacher and courses.