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About us

Sinovation Ventures AI Institute was established in September 2016, with the aim to be a lab of AI scientific research and technology application, as well as a base for AI talent development. Chaired by Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, president and CEO of Sinovation Ventures, Sinovation Ventures AI Institute is committed to speeding up the integration of AI technology and real world applications by leveraging leading technological and research capabilities around the globe, as well as to developing more AI talents by initiating and hosting AI Challenger Global AI Contest and DeeCamp Artificial Intelligence Training Program.

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Address: 10F, Tower A, Ding Hao Building, No. 3 Haidian St, Haidian District, Beijing

Please enter from the office building entrance and take the elevator No. 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Email: bd@chuangxin.com