Let’s Change the World with AI

About us

Sinovation Ventures AI Institute is an AI R&D platform chaired by Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, president and CEO of Sinovation Ventures. We’re committed to providing future AI products and solutions for government and enterprises with cutting-edge technologies.

AI is fast rising. It will fundamentally change every aspect of human’s life and work, from online to offline, from the virtual world to the physical world. For businesses, AI will increase the productivity and profit, and decrease the operating cost, as never before.

Sinovation Ventures AI Institute expects to speed up the integration of AI technology and real world applications by leveraging leading technological and research capabilities, partnership with government, academia and leading corporations, at the age of AI.

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Address: 10F, Tower A, Ding Hao Building, No. 3 Haidian St, Haidian District, Beijing

Please enter from the office building entrance and take the elevator No. 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Email: bd@chuangxin.com